What We Do

The children of Haiti are no different than the children in America EXCEPT that Haiti is the poorest country in the Western Hemisphere and one of the poorest countries in the world. In Haiti, there are no Food Stamps, Head Start, Medicaid, Medicare, Public Health Care, Aid to Families, Job Core, Emergency Food and Shelter Program, or Public Housing. In America, our local governments have over 70 programs to assist the poor.
Many children in our programs live in poorly made houses with dirt floors, no electricity, no bathrooms, and go to bed many hungry nights. This is precisely why we properly feed them a healthy nutritious meal every typical school day. They are brilliant kids, smart, happy, polite, respectful, and thankful for your help.

No matter what the circumstance, nothing is more important than being together.

Our vast outreach programs shall include all phases of social engineering associated with health, professional development, and mentorships that will help people support themselves and each other. Intending to bring real and sustainable change to communities, Youth Impact Outreach is bridging the gaps with:

  • Impact Educational Center
  • Impact Community Cafeteria
  • Impact Community Garden
  • Community Radio Station
  • Impact Worship Centers
  • Impact Community Library
  • Impact Mentorship Programs
  • Impact Health & Wellness
  • Impact Environmental Community Group
  • Impact Entrepreneurship & Business Mentorship
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