Impact Educational Center

A solid foundation in education is key to success later in life. Our school program will consist of building and operating schools in Haiti. READ MORE

Impact Community Cafeteria

Impact Community Cafeteria feeds 300 Children with two hot meals from Mondays through Fridays, and occasionally on weekends during trainings and special events. READ MORE

Impact Community Garden

The community garden grows food fast to feed hungry families in surrounding communities. We coach gardeners how to sustain and grow their land. For many in poverty… READ MORE

Community Radio Station

Communication funded Compact Radio. Unlike other media, Compact Radio is a community outreach media with a specific agenda for socioeconomic growth… READ MORE

Impact Worship Center

Impact Worship Center is a continuation of our proficient involvement in the community through biblical values, upholding YIO mission’s to connect families …READ MORE

Impact Community Library

Every city in most developed countries has its library serving its inhabitants. As we strive to protect Haiti’s cultural heritage, facilitate access to information for a population… READ MORE

Impact Mentorship Programs

Our mentorship programs foster upcoming community leaders providing professional socialization and individual support to facilitate educational success… READ MORE

Impact Health & Wellness

Our Health and Wellness Center is the epitome of communal harmony for health. We provide patient-centered care with excellence to all to achieve their full potential for health…READ MORE

Impact Environmental Community Project

The Environmental Community Project reflects our pride in the community and environment. We want to sponsor a neighborhood beautification with volunteers…READ MORE

Impact Entrepreneurship & Business Mentorship

Our Entrepreneurship and Business Mentorship understand the need for our communities to grow economically, therefore wants to invest in the visionaries… READ MORE

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